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Emma Spencer

Interpersonal Psychotherapist 

registered nurse mental health

Senior Psychological wellbeing Practitioner


For me, working in Mental Health began as a Flight attendant around the year 2000 around the time of 9/11Terrorist Attacks.. I would be consoling passengers who were having panic attacks and sometimes even trying to get off the flight right before take off. It was like being thrown in at the deep end, there was no health professionals around to step in. I used to quickly hand out stiff drinks and think of ways of distracting them by asking them questions or telling funny stories.. it seemed to work and I felt good that I could positively make a difference by getting these distressed and terrified people to their destination.


So I decided to change career. I completed a Nursing Diploma at Nottingham University and then was catapulted into Improving Access Psychological Therapies (IAPT) in the NHS, and have been working in Psychological therapies for the last 17 years being in various roles including within CAMHS. I’m currently an accredited Interpersonal Psychotherapist and Supervisor and working in private practice with individuals alongside the collaboration with Alice my very special copartner at Connect. Relate. Communicate. 



During my training I was astounded at the ground it covered and how it really got to the heart of peoples Depression or mental health difficulties compared to other modalities. It WORKS! Im so passionate and curious about Attachment Theory and Relationships, and how these can impact on our day to day lives and moods. What I enjoy the most is helping people step into their own skin, empowering others, and giving them the skills to be confident and authentic, developing their boundaries to build self trust and healthy relationships.


When I'm not working, Im a mum, on the sides of the football pitch mainly. But when I get the chance I do love traveling, and put my energy into feeling good and staying healthy. I devour books, podcasts and love getting creative. I’m genuinely fascinated about human connection and get excited when meeting new people and hearing all about their lives and experiences. I also thoroughly enjoy seeing their transformation and recovery in treatment.

Further experience and special interests

Emotional Eating

Alcohol free life

Infertility support  

Generational Trauma

Clinics and Prices
Face to face Clinic available in Ruddington, Nottingham.
£60 per session
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Alice Bramhill

Interpersonal Psychotherapist

Registered Nurse mental health

Ba (Hons) decorative art 


I'm Alice, an unschooling neurodivergent mother to two lovely neurodivergent boys. Attachment, Relationships & Consent are central to my work as a parent.

I am passionate about destigmatising and embracing Neurodiversity and destigmatising Mental Health within society. I am also a passionate advocate of women's issues and those of the LGBTQ+ community.

I was a carer growing up, and first began my paid work with people as an auxiliary nurse at 15 and went onto train as a mental nurse aged 18 in London. I didn't really enjoy a lot of my training, as I was often frustrated at the medicalisation of what seemed like societal and human situations

I knew I was far more interested in a therapeutic partnership with clients, and was lucky enough to join a progressive Day Hospital in Soho when I qualified in 1996. After 4 years there, learning a ton of skills in group work and individual therapy, using a psychodynamic approach and a keen advocate for the patient council, I went onto work at the priory hospital for a few years as a Nurse Therapist where I also completed some training in CBT.

After this I travelled around the world, working New Zealand as a nurse, where I also worked as a TV Extra.

Coming back to the UK I decided to make Nottingham my home, and have worked in primary care mental health, at CAMHS in Oxford and as a Nurse Practitioner since 2009. I trained in IPT from 2009-2011. Which is the favourite therapy modality I have ever worked in, and how I met the most awesome Emma!

I went more part time 2018-2021to study a degree in art at NTU which had always been a passion of mine, and I still produce ceramics and offer ceramic workshops as Nottingham Mud Club.

Emma and I decided to form Connect. Relate. Communicate. in 2022 to allow us to bring our collective expert knowledge and experience together to support those in need of what we can give.

Further experience and special interests

 Autism ADHD

Womens Health

Generational Trauma Groupwork.

session Prices

£70 per session
online sessions only
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